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Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad

I have been a full time Digital Nomad for a year now. One of the challenges I find is having the right gear to allow me to work and not carry a bunch of gear. I have tried different setups from an iPad with keyboard to a 17 inch laptop. I should say I work as a cloud security professional.

About 6 months ago I made a list of what I needed to work everyday:

  • Computing device

  • Headphones

  • keyboard

  • Various cables.

A mouse is optional, but I have one.

My job is primarily attending meetings and working on documents. I don't need a lot of computing power. I tried an iPad and loved the portability but it did not work with our chat app as my company blocks access to non company devices. That made it a no go.

I tried a 17" laptop and that was great for working on docs. Lots of screen to work on. But it was too heavy and too big. I had an old (2013) Macbook pro 13" and that was perfect. But it died on me 2 months into using it.

I bought a 13 inch Acer Swift 3 to replace that. It is light, meets my needs on performance, and was cheap. It's not gonna play games but it allows me to work.

With that settled I set out to work and ran into the first issue. I am an apple guy so I had airpods as my headset. They are small and light and have great battery life. But on the acer when I took them out of my ear they did not disconnect and I had to manually change the audio settings. A quick google and I was on amazon buying Skull candy airpods that are great. I also had a magic mouse 2 and that does not natively allow for scrolling on windows. Also an easy is since I had several wireless mice at home.

My new rig is small and light. most things use usb-c which minimizes my need for cables. When I started this I did not think it would be that difficult and I guess had I just bought another mac it could have been easier, but I did not want to spend that much on a laptop I was not going to get the value from.

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