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Cruise Review - Royal Caribbean 4 Days to Nassau and Coco Kay

Royal Caribbean offers a 4 day cruise form Miami to thee Bahamas aboard the Navigator of the seas with stops in Nassau and their private island Coco Kay. The itinerary is :

Day One : Travel to Nassau

Day Two : Nassau

Day Three : Coco Kay

Day Four : Arrive in Miami

For our cruise we purchased the Refreshment package, the Unlimited Dining Package, and the key.

We have done this cruise twice now. Its a great trip. Royal does a great job. We got on the ship early with the key and had a lunch in the main dining room. The next day we woke up pulling into Nassau. This is an amazing experience. We had a balcony room and w

e woke up seeing the palm trees and ocean passing. We got up and had coffee sitting on the balcony watching Nassau pass. Honestly this is one of our favorite parts of the trip.

Once off the ship we headed to Junkanoo beach to a spot we love. Nunu runs it and for $30 we got two chairs on the beach and for $20 more we got 4 rum drinks. Nunu makes them strong a

nd tasty! After a day watching the water and soaking up the sun we headed back for more drinks and Dinner.

Dinner was at the Tepenyaki rest

aurant. Decent food and an average experience from the chef.

The next day we arrived ta CoCo Cay. Its their private island. We have had a great time here. Unfortunately this time it was very windy and we decided to head back to the ship after an hour.

Overall we had a great time. We have already booked another trip on this cruise.

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