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Dress Like The King @ Lansky's Memphis TN

Lansky's clothiers made clothes for all the early Memphis rock stars including Elvis. While the original store is now the Hard Rock Cafe, the business has two locations near Beale street including one inside the Peabody Cafe. Over Valentine's Day weekend 2020, we strolled through this location after watching the ducks parade.

The hardest part for me in visiting was deciding what not to buy. There were amazing clothes everywhere. From the Lansky' Bros exclusive music stars mugshot printed tailored shirts to ornately lined jacquard sports coats, the clothes were delightedly over the top and would make a statement at any function. The selection of accessories might be the way to go for a more reserved customer. Ties, pocket squares, socks, belts and even underwear had the same rock star theme. If you are feeling indulgent, try one of the many styles of hats.

We managed to depart Memphis with a couple of Lansky Brothers shoppings bags containing two 50's style bowling shirts, a t-shirt and a sports coat designed for Bruno Mars!

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