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Review: Gus's Fried Chicken, Memphis TN

Two and half blocks from our AirBnB, up the street and around the corner, we found Gus's Fried Chicken along with a dozen or so folks waiting out front. The hostess checked us in using Yelp's waitlist service which made the 15-20 min wait on Sunday (2/15/2020) around 5:45PM easy. While we waited the customers picking up take-out were steadily going in and out of the old timey swinging screen door.

A text message prompted us to the host stand well before the quoted wait time and we were seated at a table in the rear of the restaurant under a colorfully painted window. We both wanted wings and asked our server what today's special included... It was four legs and two sides with a drink. We added that to the wings plate (also with two sides) as well as an appetizer of fried green tomatoes. The appetizer and food came quick enough to know it was made to order and fresh. Te breading on the chicken was a GBD (golden brown & delicious) while the tomatoes were coated with more of a panko or cracker dredge. The chicken wings and legs were perfectly cooked, juicy and crispy. I think we both added a little hot sauce as just a little more heat was perfect. Service was quick, friendly and accurate. The setting was old because, Gus's is old. It's exactly what its supposed to be; good fried chicken with tasty country sides in a no frills establishment.

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