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Review: The Arcade Restaurant Memphis TN

Do you want to eat in the same booth Elvis did? Then visit the Arcade Restaurant in Memphis. If you do go you have to have Elvis' favorite sandwich a fried banana and peanut butter delight!.

We visited twice on our trip. Once for breakfast and once for lunch. For breakfast we split the Eggs Redneck. This plate had everything so good and so bad for you in one place! You get a huge plate of Sausage, chicken, or bacon with biscuits soaked in gravy with eggs and hash browns. What more do you need?

The decor and even the surfaces were the original from the 1950's. It was a little worn but so awesome to see original stuff. This was our table top featuring authentic 1950's boomerangs. Wonder if Elvis touched this table????

Great service and great food both times we were there. Definitely stop in if you are in town.

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