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Working from a Narrow Boat on the Coventry Canal

Wea are on day 5 of our journey down the Coventry Canal. we are outside of Atherstone UK. A typical day for us as digital nomads narrow boating starts with breakfast. We got up and headed into Atherstone for breakfast at The Old Bakery Cafe. After a full English breakfast we set out to move our boat to our next location. We fund out there was a stopage near where we were going so we decided to head to Rawn Hill.

Rawn Hill is a lovely peaceful bend in the canal just on the outskirts of Atherstone. There are some beautiful horses on the hill.

We have stayed here before and its a very quiet place to spend time.

Working from here as the rest of the canal requires thought. I used a website to make sure there was cell service here so I can be online. When we got here we checked the service. I start working at 2pm UK time which

is 9am EST. Working here is just like working anywhere. I login and join meetings. Produce docs, etc. The difference is I get to go for a walk or sit and draw or paint. The horses are an amazing subject. Life on the canals is slower and more intentional.

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